Common Mistakes Made in the Process of Mobile Application Development

Common Mistakes Made in the Process of Mobile Application Development

Designing or developing a mobile application is a comprehensive process that is prone to mistakes. However, learning about the most common mistakes that other developers make will help you come up with a seamless application that is useful to the users.

A lot of people think that their mobile app idea is worth a million dollars or more. But only a few of them think about the mistakes that can be made in the process. As a result, they will even try to build the app on their own instead of hiring professional web and app development companies to build the app on their behalf. If you choose to build the app on your own chances are that you will run into obstacles that you can instead avoid. With the right information, you can avoid these simple mistakes and take your awesome idea to another level.

Poor Back-end Design

Mobile apps with poorly designed back-ends are prone to interactions glitch, crashing and poor transitions. This will make the user uninstall it within a short time because of frustrations. However, with the help of web and app development companies, you can avoid back-end problems. Check if there is a conflict between the system and the server. Use the Application Dependency Mapping (ADP)  to locate the exact source of the problem. You can also try reducing the overall load of the server by prompting a reverse proxy server.

Failure to Accommodate Significant Differences in Between Platforms

Instead of targeting all major platforms including Android, Windows, and iOS, try focusing on one platform at a time. Developers need to consider many options such as your customer base and other various issues. For instance, is the mobile application designed for domestic or international users? Do your users prefer smartphones or are they inclined to use tablets? Take every decision seriously and leave nothing to chance.

Ignore common stereotypes that are not always true. For example, it is not true that it is easy to monetize your application through Apple’s mobile app store. Furthermore, many global users are using Android-powered smartphones compared to iOS users. The truth is that every platform has its own pros and cons as well as its own framework and style guide. Ensure the developer puts more effort into device compatibility to ensure that your app is seamless across all major platforms and also works well with every device regardless of the size.

Targeting Everybody Instead of One Market Niche

Chances are that not everybody is going to be using your mobile app so instead of building an app for everyone to try targeting a niche market. This enables you to study market demographics which will help you understand the goals and aspirations of your target audience. By doing this you increase your chances of having the developer come up with an app that will be useful to your target users.

Marketing and Brand Promotion

Even if you design the best mobile app ever if you don’t market and promote your application chances are that very few people will know about it. Mobile apps face stiff competition and without proper marketing channels you will be setting yourself up for failure.

Other important issues to consider include battery performance and the relationship between mobile apps and websites.

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